Outside “General Counsel”

Practice Areas

For many businesses and non-profits, successfully managing the potential risks that can arise can be an overwhelming endeavor. To better serve these clients, we offer outsourced General Counsel services on a monthly retainer basis. In this arrangement, our clients consult with us on a consistent basis on matters such as: Our clients consult with us in setting up employment policies, drafting or updating employee handbooks, drafting offer letters, independent contractor agreements, customer agreements, terms and conditions for websites, employment contracts, severance agreements, and guidance on hiring and terminating employees. Some examples of matters for which our clients consult with us are best practices and policies, medical and family leave issues, providing reasonable accommodations for religious practices and for disabilities, social media policies and appropriate disciplinary measures for violations of employment policies.  

Book Law LLP’s Outside General Counsel services allow for us to spend time advising our clients on both a proactive and reactive basis to institute best practices and assist with problem solving and risk management.