Under New York City Local Law 32 of 2022, which is scheduled to go into effect on May 15, 2022, employers and employment agencies will be required to include a “good faith” salary range in every advertisement for jobs, promotions and transfer opportunities in New York City.

The NYC Commission on Human Rights recently released a factsheet on this new law that provides the following guidance:

In late March, a bill was introduced that would amend the aforementioned NYC salary disclosure law to (i) exclude employers with fewer than fifteen employees; (ii) clarify that the law applies to both hourly rates and salaries; (iii) exclude general advertisements that do not specify a position; (iv) exclude notices of positions that need not be performed in New York City; and (v) move the effective date of the law to November 1, 2022.

Employers should prepare to abide by the NYC salary disclosure law as of May 15, 2022, and provide notice and training to any of their employees who prepare and publicize advertisements for jobs in New York City.  We will track the bill proposing to amend the salary disclosure law and any further developments.

If you have questions or concerns about the NYC salary disclosure law or any wage and hour laws, please contact Chaim Book at cbook@mb-llp.com or Sheryl Galler at sgaller@mb-llp.com.